Welcome to LiveLife NZ

Hi my name is Philip James and I have started LiveLife NZ to promote positive living in a stressful culture. LiveLife will encourage people, challenge the staus quo and provide ideas and solutions to what is considered normal life these days. So many people are struggling with stress, anxiety and depression. I was one of those people for quite some time until I left the rat race and have been travelling full time in New Zealand for almost two years now and pursuing the things I only dreamed about for years.

After numerous conversations in car parks, supermarkets and peoples homes I have seen common factors that seem to contribute to the stresses of life and living in a culture that has standards that dictate what success is. We talk about community yet it appears that our idea of community is so far from what that word really means. We seem more disconnected as a society than ever before due to work pressures, school pressures, social media and the fences that divide our section from our neighbors.

Change is in the air. Today more and more people are finding simpler ways to live and beginning to build a sense of community and connection. I have been looking into why this is and have found some amazing answers that I hope to share with you.

On this website you will find videos and information about pursuing a positive future. Ideas on how to combat stress and anxiety and hopefully a lot more useful information and encouragement to pursue the future you day dream about. I do not claim to have all the answers but I have seen a lot since travelling full time which has been a real eye opener to the condition of our society and the culture we live in.

Feel free to grab a coffee, sit back, and have a browse through my videos, articles and all this website has to offer. Also keep an eye out for events we have in the pipeline. To be kept up to date with what I am up too and when there is an event near you please subscribe to my newsletter below. Remember, the only constant thing in life is change and you have the power to make change that will effect not only your life in a positive way but also the lives around you!